Article 22 + Be Good Dog Tag

Article 22 + Be Good Dog Tag

Inspired by the necklace inherited from her father, this "Dog Tag" Necklace carries his message - "Be Good" - and Rebecca's mission and vision to raise awareness and funds for MAG to continue some of the 80 million unexploded bombs in Laos.

 Each necklace clears 12.5 square meters.

 Etched in Captain Rusch's handwriting, Be good is translated into Lao and written in Rebecca's handwriting, bonding the message and the two cultures.

Rusch Ventures and the Be Good Foundation support purpose-driven, sustainably-focused, female-owned small businesses. We are proud to partner with Article 22, which meets our specific set of standards to encourage mindful consumption.

$5 from the sale of this item goes to the Mines Advisory Group.

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