Be Good Flower Essence Spray Set

Be Good Flower Essence Spray Set

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The Flower Essence Spray set is formulated exclusively for athletes and supports Rebecca’s Be Good Foundation. Your order comes with two 1 oz bottles. 


Flow State Essence includes both flower essences and essential oils that specifically support clear focus, concentration, and enthusiasm to sustain One’s energy when racing, training, or engaged in any task that requires focus. 


R & R Essence represents rest and relaxation (and Rebecca Rusch). It contains flower essences and essential oils to support a calm mind, a relaxed state of Being, and a feeling of deep inner peace. It was formulated for supported rest after a big event, but we can all use a quieter mind and inner peace.


Each bottle is created with concentrated oils and flower essences.  Once your bottles are half full, refill them with high-quality distilled or spring water 5-6 times, creating less waste. The labels are made with compostable material.


Set an intention before use, and it is a tool to develop healthy mindset habits. You can use the “I am” statement on the bottle or use your own “I Am” statement. 


Flow State Essence Ingredients:
Claret Cup, Spanish Bayonet Yucca, White, and Yellow Desert Primrose flower essences.   Cedarwood, Arborvitae, Wild Orange essential oils. 
R&R Essence Ingredients:
Desert Willow, Pink Phlox, Utah Daisy, and Mariposa Lily Flower Essences. Essential oils of Blue Tansy, Frankincense, Spruce, cinnamon, blue and Roman chamomile, citrus(orange and grapefruit), lavender, and magnolia. 


About Kim Nally:

Kim has been handcrafting flower essences from the deserts of southern Utah for the past 16 years. She creates the essences in small batches from all organic and natural flowers. For more information, please email her at or


Your purchase supports the Be Good Foundation

All profit from the purchase of this product goes to supporting the Be Good Foundation.

Rusch Ventures and the Be Good Foundation support purpose-driven, sustainably-focused, female-owned small businesses. We are proud to partner with Kim Nally Essences, which meets our specific set of standards to encourage mindful consumption.



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